Lawrenceville, New Jersey
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After paying $23.00 each, I recieved 2 Dollar Store quality hats from

website offers refunds so I felt safe in ordering. One hat ripped in two as I went to wear it for the first time.

After seeing that the other hat was exactly the same cheap quality, I returned them both 2 days after recieving them and requested a refund of my almost $54.00! responded with an e mail full of bogus excuses as to why I would get no refund. One of them being that the hats "were wore" yes, WORE. Not worn.

Their feedback has several of the same type complaints. I should have read it BEFORE ordering!

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I'm sorry that happened to you Juano, and others. I still get upset when I think that I was %100 ripped off by E4Hats!!

I even reported them to the BBB. But it will probably take a LOT more people doing the same thing before they stop stealing from people.


made a internet transaction with e4hats for $25.00. Received by cc bill with this transaction on it "and" (3) fraudulant charges totalling $580.00.

Did some research and found others who previously made purchases with e4hats also had "fraudulant" charges on their accounts. Someone in e4hats is stealing cc numbers.




This site is a total rip off! The prices are very high and the customer service is the worst.

After placing an order and getting the product I was very unhappy about the whole transaction. After doing more research something I should have done before placing an order I found a great wholesale hat company with great product and pricing check out and I think you will be happy as I am now that I have a good company to order from.


Their hunting hats might be wonderful. But the stuff I got wasm low quality junk.

Their reeturn/refund policy was followed to the letter. Again, I should have purchased through Amazon, but I didn't know that I was dealing with rip-off/scam artists.


i purchased few hats from e4hats in the past and had no problem returning or exchanging. As long as you follow their return policy, they do give refund or exchange.

I read their reviews in both Amazon,, before placing order directly from their site and they had like 96% positive feedback. (and thousands of positive comments...)


My mistake was NOT purchasing through Amazon, or I would have gotten a refund. Their hunting caps might be OK, but the ones I bought were cheap, low quality junk.


I personally think that e4hats is a great company. Before making my purchase through Amazon, I reviewed the customer's review and I was pretty confident with this company.

Everyone seemed to be satisfied with their service. Maybe you just got unlucky or something?

=T Anyways, I actually really like their hunting caps. Hope you have better luck next time!