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This is the worst customer service I have ever seen. No wonder they don't let you leave a review on their web site! I called before I ordered to clarify that I wanted only unstructured ball caps. So I ordered 4 caps that were to be alike, just different colors. What I received was 3 of a kind and one that was definitely structured. The instructions on their site for measuring for a size must be totally off. The caps literally came down over my husband's ears. They were huge! My husband requires a larger size, but these were entirely too big.... Read more

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I ordered 150.00 worth of hats on 10/13 /14. I did receive the hats on the 17th at my home, but was out of town. When I tried them, decided to send most of them back, some for credit, some for a refund. They did receive the hats, and took off $80.00!!! for restocking fees and there was no reply at all about the 4 hats that I wanted to exchange them for. The sizing of their hats is ridiculous, hats are not all one size fits all! They appear to be charging over 50% restocking fees. I was not aware of that, and would NOT EVER think of... Read more

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Their product are very cheap and the hats are very very small. No matter how big you get it. According to the return policy they will keep your product and you will not get your money back. It states 100% restocking fee possible if you return the product and they will reverse the free shipping fee. Which means you will not get your money back, you will not get your product back, and they will also bill you the shipping fee they did not bill you originally since it was free. In math terms: You only spent $20 on item and shipping was free. ... Read more

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Re: e4hats and international (i.e. non-US) customers They sell decent hats but do NOT buy if you are an international customer. They send you the package after you've paid the stated Postage and Packing. However, it is not delivered as they send it without paying sufficient excise duty/sales taxes. You then have to pay the tax yourself to get the hat (about 50% of its value) or get nothing as they refuse to refund your sale. When trying to query this, you get a aleolithic approach to customer service - stay well clear. Ordered in April 2012 Read more

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e4hats' "British Country Gentleman Cap": "I ordered this cap a few days ago and the fulfillment was relatively quick. It is advertised as a "100% linen" cap. Unfortunately, when it arrived, it was obviously (probably from the moon) quite visibly NOT linen. A quick check of the tag inside of the hat by the seller, "", would have revealed that the contents were "65% POLYESTER and 35% COTTON". The photo on the website is actually of a linen fabric hat, but the hat I received really is, from a distance, a obvious cheap poly/cotton... Read more

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After paying $23.00 each, I recieved 2 Dollar Store quality hats from website offers refunds so I felt safe in ordering. One hat ripped in two as I went to wear it for the first time. After seeing that the other hat was exactly the same cheap quality, I returned them both 2 days after recieving them and requested a refund of my almost $54.00! responded with an e mail full of bogus excuses as to why I would get no refund. One of them being that the hats "were wore" yes, WORE. Not worn. Their feedback has several of the... Read more

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The e4Hats Company which offer differnt hats in Internet absolutely insist that a packet with 2 requested hats were shipped by USPS to consignee in Germany, but the result of performed investigation shows that the items no one time were transfered from the e4Hats company to USPS. The consignee in Germany although received tracking number but the number is just elektonically notification by the shipper that he wiil next time something mail, this does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. The e4Hats Company received money... Read more

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